POLSTO is  a vigorously developing company which manufactures  furniture and interior decoration products  individually designed for  our customers.  We specialise in comprehensive implementation of  home, apartment and office interior arrangements.   


Our products combine craftsmanship and engineering artistry wrapped up in a classical, timeless form. We believe in well-thought solutions and thorough attention to detail so that our products could serve you for many years to come.  



















Our doors are made of the best  materials,  employing high quality technical solutions typical for the  traditional art of  furniture making.  Our work is based  on the comprehensive experience of European craftsmen, with all the options offered by state of the art, numerically controlled machinery.  


To make the structure of the door leafs we use  traditional joinery solutions and high quality glued timber or aluminium profiles worked on numerically controlled machinery.
The projects can include concealed fully adjustable  hinges and silent magnetic locks.  The standard 50 mm thickness ensures high durability, resistance to deformations and contortions and suitable lateral stiffness.


The final design of the door and the choice of finishing materials is always subject to the customer’s approval. 







Our standalone and fitted furniture is made of high quality materials. 


We appreciate simple, functional forms and  economical, time-tested solutions.  We follow the rich tradition of  Polish woodworking craft.  
Our priorities are the quality and durability of our products and we are not ready to compromise there.  
We create non-standard forms combining traditional craft with innovative technical solutions.  We also combine non-standard materials: wood and glass, metal, stone, carbon, natural leather and  upholstery fabrics.   We are ready to  support you with our experience while implementing even the most non-standard projects. 









We provide finishing  of solid timber, varnishes, lacquers and  a variety of woodworking and artistic techniques.  Enjoy our wide range of  traditional, classical, innovative and state-of-the art solutions.  


The finishing techniques include inlays, upholstery, decorative concrete inserts, stone or steel details, gilding, plating, leather elements including cordovan, as well as carbon details.  


Our well-tested solutions guarantee precise finishing and the highest durability of the final products.  


Our highly efficient manufacturing processes allow us to offer you  top quality products at affordable prices.



















FOR THE ARCHITECTS - Laboratorio di Idee

Based on the interior design, we work on the technical issues which need detailed solutions. We provide comprehensive services starting from technical documentation, installing steel frameworks for libraries or fitted furniture sets and ending with a variety of decorative  details.  


We also create short batches of lamps, door knobs, holders and other metal details to order.  We are ready to support you with our knowledge while tackling  unique, challenging projects.  

We are looking forward to work with you!













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